Socialie helps you build a passionate network of brand talent, supporters, employees, advocates and fans, & seed them social content.

Create a network of Athletes.

We stop emails like this...

...and turn them into actionable text messages.

Type + Select + Send

  1. 1Type your suggested content.
  2. 2Select which of your network members you want to publish your content on their social accounts
  3. 3Click Send

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. 1Your network member receives an SMS message.
  2. 2They reply
  3. 3Tweet is published

Drive Better Results

Branded Content at Scale and Real-Time

  • No more using email to manage social content requests
  • Understand the overall size and reach of your non-owned social footprint
  • Quickly and efficiently seed content to your non-owned network
  • Analyze who is active in the network through the Activity Feed
  • Measure impact of each broadcast
  • Get pre-approvals and schedule content (coming soon)

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